season pass options

GOLD ($40 per year)

  • Entry into all 14 Majors Series Regular Season Race

  • Entry into all Wild Card Races (8 extra races)

  • Entry into all Special Events (All Star Race, Majors 24h etc.)

  • Number selection

  • Eligible to be on Broadcasts

  • Eligible for prizes

PLATINUM Subscription ($7.99 per month)

  • All Gold member benefits

  • Entry into MTEC Series (5 races)

  • Entry into Predator Series (5 races)

The platinum pass is our most flexible option for those who want to race in any or all Majors events. 

VIP Subscription ($14.99 per month)

  • All Gold & Platinum member benefits

  • Majors Garage All Series Pass
    Access to Driver level setups for 44 cars on the iRacing service 

The VIP Pass is THE premium, all inclusive Majors Pass.

It grants you entry into ALL races run by the Majors Series and gives you a Majors Garage ALL Series Pass which you includes access to unlimited setups.