R8 | world 600


Date | June 25th & 26th

Track | [Legacy] Charlotte - 2008

Cars(s) | Chevrolet Monte Carlo - 1987 / Ford Thunderbird - 1987 / Buick LeSabre - 1987

Race Length |  400 laps

Cautions | ON

Start | Rolling

Restart | Double File
Lucky Dog | ON

Incident Cap | 40

Minimum Practice Laps | 90

Target Split Size | 36
Tire Set Limit | 12


Race & Practice
Dynamic Weather

Sim Date | May 29th

Sim Time |
Open Practice | 4:00 pm
Green Flag | 6:00 pm

Track State | 0%


Air Temperature | 79 °F

Atmosphere | 85%

Skies | Partly Cloudy

Time of Day | 2:30 pm

Wind Speed| W, 5 mph

Track State | 100% [Clean Marbles]

Track Temp | 



Saturday, Jun. 18th
6:00 pm (Sydney)  |  60 laps


Sunday, Jun. 19th
5:00 pm (London)  |  60 laps
5:00 pm (Los Angeles)  |  60 laps

⚠️ Sat thru Sat
Open Practice will be available 24 hours each day.Pre-Qualifying will be available 6 times per day.

Saturday, Jun. 25th
6:00 pm (Sydney) Intl World 600

Sunday, Jun. 26th
5:00 pm (London) Euro World 600
5:00 pm (Los Angeles) Amr World 600

 | Race Specific Rules

✔️ Restarts will be Double File with Lap Down cars being Sent To The Rear of the pack.


✔️ Wave Arounds Enabled - cars between leader and pace car will be waved around.


✔️ Lucky Dog Enabled - If you are first car lap down you will be put on lead lap at next caution.  

       ** You are racing to stay the last car a lap down not the leader of the race. 

✔️ The start and restarts are controlled by the leader who may go anytime after the pace car exits the track. 


✔️ This race will NOT be extended by GWC. Race Ends at 400 Laps Green Flag or Under Caution.

✔️ There are no lane changes prior to the start finish line on those restarts.

✔️ When entering and exiting pit lane, stay in the far right lane as long as possible so that competitors may be able to see their

       pit box and can  use the middle lane for merging. 

✔️ If you are being lapped, please stay high for the leaders to pass you low. 

✔️ During the race each driver has 12 sets of tires.

Minimum Speed - Your car must be able to achieve at least a lap time of 40 seconds. If your car is too damaged to do so, you must

       get repairs or park the car.  There are no live admins so it is up to the driver to monitor this.  If you choose to continue and are under

       this threshold it could result in a Post Race Penalty.  If you cause a large incident while under this threshold could result in a

       larger penalty.

 | Registered Drivers